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Drain installations

Planning on installing a new shower drain or even perhaps a floor drain? If so, coordinate with professionals. Drain installation is a complicated process. You may need to safely remove the current fixtures attached to the existing drain, take steps to ensure you don’t damage components within the plumbing system, and follow a set of steps perfectly to ensure the new drain is installed properly. That’s why, if you need drain install service, our team at Houston Concrete Services is up to the task.

Expansion Joints

We replace existing expansion joints with deck-o-seal. This seals the expansion joint with a rubber seal which protects the concrete from collecting water underneath therefore reduces the chances of the concrete shifting.

DECK-O-SEAL ONE STEP is often used in high sloping and vertical expansion joint applications where a non-sag, watertight, elastomeric sealant is necessary. Ideal for use in swimming pools above the waterline where tiles meet the pool coping. DECK-O-SEAL 125 is recommended for joints that will be submerged under water. For high sloped or vertical applications, DECK-O-SEAL GUN GRADE is needed.

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