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Houston Concrete Services prides itself on enduring exceptional client relationships. In an age where construction and design companies cannot always be relied upon, Houston Concrete Services excels in consistently offering clients unrivaled knowledge, creativity, communication, and most notably, extraordinary outcomes. The result is client-inspired innovation. Houston Concrete Services is the solution to all of your new home construction, home addition, and home or condo remodeling needs. We can also service your retail, commercial, medical or office build-outs throughout Houston, TX.

Concrete damage is caused by a lot of things. While resurfacing and refinishing could fix concrete damage, there are certain issues that only a re-pour could resolve. Extreme damage caused by poor subgrade compaction, corroding steel reinforcement, or incorrect cement proportions during mixing may require a new concrete installation. Houston concrete repair is possible for pool deck, garage flooring or driveway repair with coatings and overlays if the damage is minor and physical.

When it comes to the home improvement projects in your home or office it is natural that you would want the very best quality at the most affordable price. The fact is that one of the most important factors determining not only the appearance but also the lifespan of your many different projects is the quality of the work done.

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