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Who We Are!

Houston Concrete Services prides itself on enduring exceptional client relationships. In an age where construction and design companies cannot always be relied upon, Houston Concrete Services excels in consistently offering clients unrivaled knowledge, creativity, communication, and most notably, extraordinary outcomes. The result is client-inspired innovation. Houston Concrete Services is the solution to all of your new home construction, home addition, and home or condo remodeling needs. We can also service your retail, commercial, medical or office build-outs throughout Houston, TX.

When it comes to improvement projects in your home or office, it's natural that you would want the very best quality at the most affordable price. One of the most important factors determining not only the appearance but also the lifespan of your many different projects is the quality of the work done.

Our Services

With the excellence that represents us, we offer the following services

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Concrete Resurfacing

Many folks chose concrete floors specifically for their durability, but even the most durable flooring can show signs of aging over time. Make your concrete surfaces sparkle by calling the professionals at Houston Concrete Services. We'll restore and polish your interior and exterior surfaces so you don't have to!

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Houston Concrete Services has spent years researching the best ways to protect and beautify our clients’ concrete. We provide both concrete sealing and staining services. Not sure exactly what you want to seal or stain? Interested in sprayed decks in Houston, TX? Give us a call. We'll be happy to make a visit to your property and inform you of any concrete surfaces that could benefit from staining.

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Sealing your concrete patios, driveways, and walkways is essential in maintaining the look and functionality of your concrete surfaces. Our experienced professionals at Houston Concrete Services keep your concrete structures looking great for many years, while protecting them from wear and tear, staining, and damage.

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A fresh coat of paint can breathe life into any room, exterior, or piece of furniture. Whether you have an indoor or outdoor paint project for us, our experienced team of home improvement professionals can help. We know what makes a great paint job, and it's our mission to deliver the level of detail and...

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Back in the day, the solution to deteriorating concrete floors was simply a new installation. Although you could opt for a new concrete floor, this is highly expensive and time-consuming. Instead, consider repairs over a full remodel. It's natural for property owners to be discouraged when they see the damage on their concrete surfaces. Luckily, once you realize the range of affordable concrete repair options available for...

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Expansion Joints

We replace existing expansion joints with Deck-o-Seal. This seals the expansion joint with a rubber seal, protecting the concrete from collecting water underneath. This helps reduce the chances of the concrete shifting. Read more about our great expansion joints services.

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